GPS PLUS X Collar Manager

The free, windows based, user friendly GPS PLUS X software for your PC is a powerful tool to manage your collars. It is designed to communicate with your collars, the UHF/VHF Handheld terminal and GSM ground station and is the basic tool to design, organise and manage your study. You can:

  • manage collars
  • receive data from HTML download, Email, GSM Groundstation, Handheld and LinkManager,
  • store, display graphically or export data,
  • create new GPS schedules, beacon schedules or Virtual Fence collections to upload to your collar,
  • configure your collars (e.g. activity mode, satellite communication, proximity sensor parameters),
  • upload collar and Handheld firmware.

This software replaces GPS PLUS software which was our main software until now. It offers all its features but is improved in many ways (here some examples):

  • Improved user interface
  • Advanced overview of received GPS data
  • Automatically HTTP or email data download and data procession
  • Extended automatic data export
  • New feature “Service Center TimeStamp” to check when data came in
  • Improved registration options and configuration options
  • Full support of all new features as for example the external sensors or interactive collar programming
  • Support of the new Vertex Survey Collar series
  • Simultaneous multiple user access
Please check the manual (below) or download it directly for trying. For all existing users: please note that we won’t update GPS PLUS (old software) any longer and all customers are asked to switch to the new software at some point. The old software can of course still be used but new features won’t be implemented.

If you need help with the switching, please contact us.

GPS PLUS X Collar Manager Manual

Known Issue

Message “Error: Invalid time zone settings” when viewing data

If you get the following error message when trying to view collar data like positions or any other data, Microsoft updated the list of time zones on your computer.

GPS Plus X stores the time zone configuration as text. If a Windows update changes the name of the configured time zone GPS Plus X can not find the time zone in the list supplied by Windows and the configuration is lost. This is intended, because we don’t have any means of identifying the original time zone.

To solve the issue do the following:

  • Open GPS Plus X
  • In the Configuration Tree go to Local Settings -> UTC Correction
  • If “Use custom time zone settings” is selected, choose your desired time zone from the drop down box and click “Apply”
  • If “Use windows time zone settings” is selected, the problem should not have arisen. If it still happened, please select “Use custom time zone settings” click “Apply” and then reselect “Use windows time zone settings” and press “Apply” again

After this procedure the error message should not appear again unless Microsoft chooses to change the name of your time zone again.

Activity Pattern

The three-axes GPS PLUS activity sensor can provide an extensive amount of high-frequency activity data.

Activity Pattern is a free, versatile software tool to analyse these data. It allows you to:

  • graphically display activity data as three-dimensional plot (actogram),
  • calculate means and medians for hourly, daily, monthly, etc. activity,
  • compute the day-night relation of activity (Diurnality Index),
  • analyse number and duration of activity peaks,
  • perform advanced cosinor and Fourier analysis and obtain harmonic part and degree of functional coupling to study biological rhythms in your animal.

Activity Pattern Product Sheet

Activity Pattern Manual

Drop Off Manager

This free and windows based software manages our VECTRONIC Drop Off devices. You normally don’t need it for the Timer Controlled Drop Offs as they come fully programmed, but you will need it for all Radio and Timer Controlled Drop Offs and if you need to reconfigure a present Drop Off. You will need a UHF Handheld or Drop Off Release Transmitter to communicate with them.

  • Register Drop Off’s on a UHF Handheld (>V5) or a Drop Off Release Transmitter to release them remotely in the field.
  • Reprogram DropOffs present in the Office using either of both devices

For details please check the pages on the UHF communication, the Drop Off Mechanism and read the manual below:

Drop Off Manager Manual