Pumas in USA

Pumas in USA

We are The Santa Cruz Puma Project and use Vectronic GPS PLUS collars to track the location and behavior of wild mountain lions (Puma concolor). We are collecting data on pumas to better understand their physiology, behavior and ecology.

In particular, we are interested in the ecological consequences of puma predation on ungulates, the physiological differences between males and females, the ways in which pumas communicate with each other, and the impacts of pumas on other carnivore species such as coyotes, raccoons and skunks. By using the GPS PLUS collars, we will be able to gain unprecedented new insights into each of these questions.

Through our research efforts we are aiming to develop a better understanding of the impacts of habitat fragmentation (roads, housing developments, etc.) on puma’s behavior, reproduction and movement. We are particularly interested in understanding how puma’s behavior changes as they get closer to human development, and in identifying the routes that pumas use to traverse the mountains.

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