VERTEX Lite Collars

VERTEX Lite Collars

Based on our long-term experience in developing and manufacturing GPS collars and inspired by our customer’s projects, we have designed the new VERTEX Lite collar. This reliable and efficient GPS collar combines all basic features regarding collar programming, battery size and Drop Off option to meet your requirements for GPS monitoring for all mammals starting at 15 kg body weight. For long-range communication you can choose either 2-way GSM communication or satellite communication (2-way Iridium or 1-way Globalstar). Also, you can choose your field replaceable battery from 1C cell up to 7D cells depending on your animal species and required project period.

Other important collar characteristics are the smaller housing, the lower weight (minimum 300g) and the wireless communication interface via USB Remote Stick or USB Bluetooth Stick.

Communication Options

Sensor Options

Integrated Sensor Package

  • Basic 3-Axis Activity Sensor recording pre-processed data
  • Mortality Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor

Collar shape and batteries

We offer 3 different collar shapes to have a fitting design for all species. We offer a round design mainly used on carnivores such as bears, a oval shaped design suitable for most herbivores and a mixture of both (Oval on top / round on the battery/bottom side) for some equid species or for example boars. We offer fitting batteries in different mostly interchangeable sizes:

  • 1C battery for small species (collar weight starting with 300g)
  • 1D-5D battery for medium – big sized species
  • 7D battery for the biggest species such as buffaloes and very long collaring periods

The batteries can also host a Drop Off for non-invasive collar retrieval. It is encapsulated in the battery and cas easily be exchanged with the battery by the user even in the field.


The VERTEX Lite Store On Board collar is a data logger without remote communication options. It is equipped with the same high sensitive GPS device as the whole VERTEX Lite series and uses the same durable and animal-friendly materials. Data can be downloaded wireless via UHF Remote Stick or Bluetooth Stick. It is a suitable solution for livestock applications, but also for wildlife studies with high recapture rates.

There is much more to know!

Please get in touch with us to get all information about the VERTEX Lite collar. We can also brief you on further differences between the GPS PLUS and VERTEX series.

VERTEX Lite collar with 1C replaceable battery and Drop Off
VERTEX Lite collar with 1C replaceable battery and Drop Off
VERTEX Lite collar with components
VERTEX Lite collar with components (Click to enlarge!)
USB Remote Stick
USB Remote Stick

USB Bluetooth Stick
USB Bluetooth Stick