What is the right activity mode for me?

The choice of the activity modus is very important and should be done well in advance.
Later changes (after deployment) include the deletion of all previously recorded activity data in the collar memory!

Conventional modes 1-4: In general you could say, the smaller the interval the better the data as long intervals weaken the informative value. Bursts of activity and phases of resting are mediated and you might get a non-informative average value.
Special Modi: Modus 5 is very specific and is only useful in species with a distinct behaviour (feeding, securing etc.). This modus might not work satisfactory with species with small necks and indistinct head movements (e.g. wolf).
Modus 6 is also very specific and it should be used only when you are sure that the provided data helps answering your questions.

The collar has only a limited storage capacity and unless you can download the data in between and merge the datasets later you will have to keep track on the storage place. Our default modus is Modus1 as its interval is short enough to produce useful data but it’s big enough to be recorded for a long period (1077 days).
64sec Interval = Storage Capacity 233 days!
128sec Interval = Storage Capacity 466 days!
244sec Interval = Storage Capacity 932 days!
296sec Interval = Storage Capacity 1077days!

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